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Roman Signer

A interview for a swiss print magazin and the Alpenmagazin with Roman Signer. He was telling stories of his childhood… amazing man. 73 years old and still as vital as a wasp. I had less than one hour, my PhaseOne … Continue reading

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Catch the Liquid

uuuuuuu – the Mamyia 645 DF with the digital Schneider Kreuznach lenses works just phenomenal. In this setting I used a 1/1000 at aperture 2.8 – and it’s just sharp in every corner. Which is not really guaranteed at 2.8 … Continue reading

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The Green Monarch

This tree – as gardeners say – is coming late and leaving early. It is called clerk tree, in german ‘Beamtenbaum’. Another explanation for the name could be that it needs its arms or branches, to lean on. ‘They invite … Continue reading